Maine became a leader in chemical safety reform with the 2008 Kid Safe Products Act (KSPA), a first-in-the-nation comprehensive chemical safety law that establishes a science-based process for phasing out the worst chemicals from household products. Under KSPA, Maine identified chemicals with known hazards and potential exposure and phased out BPA from baby bottles, sippy cups, reusable containers, and packaging for infant formula and baby food. 

In the past decade, Maine has continued to be a leader by adopting a first-in-the-nation law to ban all toxic chemical flame retardants in upholstered household furniture. Maine also became the second state to ban toxic PFAS chemicals in food packaging but took it a step further by becoming the first to ban toxic phthalates. In 2021, Maine went above and beyond by adopting a first-in-the-world law to eliminate all non-essential uses of toxic PFAS from all products. 

Behind each new effort is a growing network of Mainers concerned for the future. Farmers, health advocates, and community leaders are currently working diligently on addressing state lawmakers about their concerns of forever chemicals. Much work remains to truly protect Maine residents and its vulnerable groups from harmful toxic chemicals.

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