Environmental Justice Series: Óskar Zambrano Méndez

December 10, 2018

Drake Skaggs

This week, we hear from Óskar Zambrano Méndez, Director of Civic Engagement & Advocacy at the Latino Community Fund of Washington.

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LCF Oskar Photo

Environmental Justice Series: Sharon Lewis

November 13, 2018

Drake Skaggs

This week, we hear from Sharon Lewis, Executive Director of Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice.

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Congress Directs FAA to Stop Requiring Toxic Firefighting Foams at Airports

October 03, 2018

Drake Skaggs

States Should Move Quickly to Adopt Bans on Toxic Firefighting Foams


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Victory in California!

October 01, 2018

Drake Skaggs

Policy Banning Toxic Flame Retardants Signed into Law

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Victory! San Francisco Bans PFAS in Food Service Ware

August 23, 2018

Drake Skaggs

San Francisco becomes the first city in the US to prohibit toxic PFAS chemicals in single-use food service ware.

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On National Teflon Day, States Must Say NO WAY

April 06, 2018

April 6th is "National Teflon Day," designated to celebrate the invention. But the chemicals in Teflon have made water undrinkable, bodies sick, and environment polluted. It's time that we stopped using these toxics—and held companies responsible for the damage that they've caused.

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Guest Blog: Savvy Women's Alliance

February 22, 2018

Kristi Marsh

Guest blog from Savvy Women's Alliance

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state legistlation

State Legislatures Tackle Toxic Chemicals as Pruitt EPA Falters

February 12, 2018

Drake Skaggs & Gretchen Salter

In 2018, at least 23 states will consider at least 112 policies to limit exposures to toxic chemicals.

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2018 Multistate Release Map

Attention Retailers! Your Shoppers Are Watching

November 14, 2017

Drake Skaggs & Jen Coleman

Mind The Store campaign's second annual report ranks 30 major stores on their policies for controlling toxic chemicals in the products they sell. 

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